Supplement Formulations

In addition to writing and editing services, I can also work with you on supplement formulations, designing specific evidence-based supplements to address specific patient needs.

Bringing your work and your words to the world

I am a physician, writer and editor focusing on holistic, integrative, natural and complementary medicine. I provide custom medical and scientific writing for both professional and non-professional audiences, clarifying complex and difficult concepts with evidence-based research.

I bring my training as a chemist, an immunologist and a naturopathic physician together to create an accurate, consise, evidence-based message for your readers.

Your work is important, and it is vital that your work is described in a way that brings attention to it.  You do the medicine or the science--let me do the writing!

If you are looking for original and professional writing and editing services, welcome! I can provide clear, concise, accurate and highly readable material including:

  • Medical and scientific journal articles
  • Books and eBooks
  • Patient information handouts
  • Consumer information articles

The various services offered can be found on the Services Page.

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